Yami Corpora

Yami Corpora

Main categories Secondary categories Chapter Number Chapter name English Chapter Name
Ceremony and traditional culture Culture 01 anmo Gift Taro
Song 01 pangowen The song of pangowen
Song 02 miatep Building a straw roof
Song 03 anood do wawa Boating song

Life Food 01 mikabcil Famine
Food 02 imomoa so wakay How to plant sweet potato
Food 03 iciakan About eating etiquette
Food 04 kanini How the Oarfish got its name
Food 05 mikowkowran Arranging the Taro Field
Food 06 mangay do kanen Gathering Food
Food 07 omaraw Feast of the flying fish season
Food 08 mangmay Taro fields and making taro cakes
Food 09 mangmay Work in the Taro Fields
Food 10 ikongo ikarahet no soli ya? Why taro does not grow well
Food 11 Wakay do siri no ayo Sweet potato by the river
Life 01 Ikong da ipililiman? What is the fuss?
Life 02   Water from Jivalino
Life 03   About planting sweet potato
Women 01 mamili so kanen About pregnancy
Wares 01 rarapoyan About the kitchen stove
Wares 02 ipipinapinan a vahalang Creating tools
Wares 03 iros Coconut shell spoon
Fish 01 mangozokozozo About the mangozokozozo (swimming fishing) fishing technique
Fish 02 pingpingen a among Preparing fish
Fish 03 Mangozozo Talking about the Mangozozo Fishing Method Again
Fish 04 Catching fish during flying fish season
Fish 05 mamacik The Mamacik fishing method
Fish 06 mipaltog so among Shooting fish

History History 01 ili do pongso The villages of the Island
History 02 inapo no Iraralay The ancestors of Iraralay
History 03 atngeh no sawalan The water source
History 04 si lapiot si lapiot
History 05 nimakeyras a ili Jivalino Immigration of the Jivalino
History 06 iciaroa no Imowrod The family of Imowrod

Stories Narrative 01 vahed a ka no pangahahapan Weaving patterns and Boats
Narrative 02 anak na ni Zogzog The daughter of si Zogzog
Narrative 03 si Zogzog si Zogzog
Fable 01 kavavatanen no tazak The Story of the Fairy
Fable 02 si Vaoyo Merman si Vaoyo
Fable 03 si Kaptaptay Si Kaptaptay: the person who could walk on water

Other Other 01 sako Way of life
Other 02 nakem so anak a tatala Ceremonial boat given to children
Other 03 ngarangaran no tapi no tatala Another look at the specific parts of a boat
Other 04 names of items names of items